What on Earth is Going On? Tummy Tuck 2 Week Post-Op and Still Volume Fluctuation in Drainage.

I had a tummy tuck 2weeks ago I still have 1 drain in and 1 drain removed on day 2 the scar looks excellent and I feel well but I am waiting for my drain to be removed the blood is still dark and volume goes up and down like a yo yo I got to 60 ml's for 2 days in a row then it jumped up to 120 the next morning then 250 the day after that. I asked my ps does it normally do that he said no and he said the drain has to stay until volume drops and colour changes could be a week or 2. will it stop?

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Drainage fluctuations

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At two weeks postop, you should not have major fluctuations in drainage in the absence of excessive physical activity or a resolving hematoma or seroma. Obviously, the drainage will gradually abate and the drain will be removed. Be patient, don't overdo, and continue to follow your surgeon's postop regimen.

Drain output fluctuation

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It is not uncommon to see fluctuations in drain output.   But I concur with your PS that it is very uncommon to have those sharp increases in drain output that your describe.   It is important for you to continue your compression garments and ease off on your activity.  Essentially, allow "things to settle down".   Please follow-up with your PS as instructed.

Best of luck.

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