Ears Uneven and Oddly Shaped After Otoplasty. What Do I Do? (photo)

Otoplasty done in 2007 by Dr. Peter Silversmith in VA. Afterwards right ear was sticking out so re-did operation with him. Then I noticed the ears had an odd shape to them and were uneven meaning one still stuck out while the other didn't. The doctor said there wasn't much he could do because it was my thick skin due to genes was causing the problem. He said ears aren't supposed to be even. I still have been behind my right ear. He said he could not do anymore because of over correction. Help!

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Ears Uneven and Oddly Shaped After Otoplasty. What Do I Do?

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I would agree that there is some difference in the shape of your ears. It is impossible to determine whether there is a difference in how far your ears protrude with the photos provided. If your ears do protrude too much or the asymmetry is noticeable, a revision otoplasty can be performed to provide more symmetry. However, you would need an in person consultation to determine exactly what is needed to provide the result that you desire.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Otoplasties Are Complex Operations In The Best Of Hands

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To answer your question, I would need to see the operative report from Dr. Silversmith as well as a complete set of photographs to include front, back, and a few more diagonal shots.  It appears Dr. Silversmith has done a fine job of correcting your lack of antihelical fold.  The question is, did he remove conchal cartilage and did he remove enough of it. 

My recommendation is to go back to see Dr. Silversmith again or seek out another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and tell him or her about your concerns.  A plastic surgeon with a great deal of otoplasty experience is a unique person as this operation is routinely done by very few plastic surgeons.  However, in the Virginia/D.C./North Carolina area, you certainly have the expertise to get your questions answered and your problem treated.

Uneven ears after otoplasty

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There is a slight asymmetry of the upper portion of the auricles. Hard to comment on one ear "sticking out" more than the other as you have not provided any front view photos. It is true that no two ears are exactly the same, and the slight asymmetry is almost never noticed.  It is an obvious asymmetry that catches attention. 

Alexander Ovchinsky, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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It appears that you still have a deep set conchal deformity. The anti-helical fold looks ok, but you need to have a conchal set back procedure.



Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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