Does Early Intervention with Moles Yield the Best Cosmetic Results?

Hi I have seen a surge in the number of moles I have. This is worrying as I have had a number of moles removed in the past and the results have been bad. From personal experience I know that it is likely that these new moles will grow as they mature and that neither these future mature moles nor the results of any proceedure to remove them will be cosmetically satisfactory. Would early intervention before they grow yield proportionately better results? My preferred treatment is laser. Thanks

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Moles should be removed early and by excision

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It is always best to remove a mole when it is smaller as it will leave less of a scar. In general, using a laser to remove a mole will leave the worst scar. This essentially creates a burn to heal rather than normal uninjured wound edges from an excision. Elliptical excision is the best way way to remove a mole if one wants the best scar outcome.

Mole removal

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It is better to completely surgically excise a mole when it is smaller versus larger. I would recommend seeing a facial plastic surgeon to discuss your options. 

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