Early 20's Thigh Lift- What Type? (photo)

I'm in my early 20's&lost 75 lbs with diet&exercise.Jan,2012 I had a bodylift.I'm now interested in a thigh lift.I have alot of excess skin between my thighs&am not happy with the lumpy appearance.I am no stranger to excercise&have been working with a personal trainer for almost 2 ys.My PS suggested debulking my thighs with lipo,followed by a TL.What type of TL do you suggest?If I lose another10-15lbs after surgery will that affect my results?

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Congratulations on your significant weight loss.  You sure have come a long way. 

I would suggest undergoing liposuction and a thigh lift at the same time.  I do not think there is a need to stage your surgeries and have found this technique quite successful in the majority of my patients.  Since you have excess skin and fat around your inner knee, I would suggest an incision from the groin down to just beneath the inner knee.  This would follow an inseam on a pair of jeans.  I do not think loosing another 10 to 15 pounds after surgery would affect the results. However, like with most plastic surgery procedures, I would suggest loosing as much weight as you can before the surgery and not after.


Good luck on you weight loss journey.


J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS

Thigh lift for early 20s

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I like the plan that you have- first do liposuction.  When you have fully healed from the liposuction then evaluate if you really need a thigh lift.  If you have minimal skin to deal with, then a horizontal incision along your groin line is your answer.  If you have significant skin excess, you may consider a thigh lift that leave both a horizontal and a vertical incision along the inner aspect of your thigh..

Early twenties thigh lift

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Liposuction can be done separately or in combination with a thigh lift depending on your anatomy.  It is difficult to see the quality of your skin from the photos, but it is certainly reasonable to do this in two stages as your skin may contract after the lipo part and you may be happy without needing a long inner thigh scar.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Massive Weight Surgery in Younger Patients

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Massive weight loss can effect almost any area of the body including the medial thighs. When this situation arises in younger patients, the skin occasionally snaps back. Younger patients often have better skin tone than older patients. For this reason, younger patients are often able to avoid major skin resections following massive weight loss.

Although it's possible to perform liposuction and medial thigh lift surgery during the same procedure, staging these procedures may be more appropriate in your case. Liposuction should be performed as an initial maneuver for a variety of reasons. If the skin contracts following this procedure, a thigh lift might be avoided. In some cases, a lesser thigh lift might be indicated which avoids more extensive incisions.

If you're considering massive weight loss surgery on your thighs, it's appropriate to consult a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area. This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic findings and achieves your aesthetic goals.

Thigh lift, Toronto Plastic Surgeon , Dr. Adibfar

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It is difficult to judge your skin tone from the photos however I agree with your Plastic Surgeon's plan to debulk with liposuction first and then reevaluate in 3-6 months.

At that time you may be happy with the results or you may be concerned with some skin laxity which can be treated with either a short horizontal scar if the laxity is in the upper half of the medial thigh or with a longer vertical scar if the laxity extends to the lower half of the thigh.

Best wishes

A Lockwood Type Medial Thigh Lift With Liposuction Should Give You A Great Result

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Congratulations on losing all that weight.  You look like your body is in great shape, and I agree with your plastic surgeon that liposuction alone will probably not give you the ultimate result you are looking for, with reference to your inner thighs.  After the liposuction, a conservative amount of inner thigh skin can be removed, then anchored with permanent sutures to the periosteum of the ishium.  This technique was first described by the late Ted Lockwood, M.D.  When liposuction and medial thigh tuck are done together, a JP drain is pretty much mandatory. 

The procedure takes about 1-1/2 hours with a well hidden scar.  When this procedure is done correctly, the two thighs never touch again in the standing position.  Losing 15 pounds should not affect this procedure. 

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