Earlobe Swelling After Reduction

Hi, I had an operation to reduce my earlobes (which was also slightly tilted toward the outside) on 24 June, but now they look horrendously ugly and swollen, as in the picyures, please help!

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Earlobe Surgery

The photos you have posted are unclear.  However, this does not appear normal, despite expected postoperative swelling.  It would be best for you to discuss this with your surgeon.

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Earlobe reduction problems

Not really sure what is going on or what was done.  This does not look normal at all to me.  Swelling occurs after any operation but usually peaks by the second day and then begins to lessen.  Even with swelling this looks very strange.  Please discuss with your surgeon or seek another opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon.

Albert Dabbah, MD
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The reconstruction looks like it is swollen. I would consult with your doctor.

I would also get second opinions if you are ever questioning how it looks.  But know that most doctors do want the best for you and they are trying there best to get the best results. 

Philip Young, MD
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