Earlobe Repair Cost with Hole of 3mm

Within the next 2 years I will begin looking for a teaching job and I want to close my piercings to a normal piercing size or entirely. I just took my earrings out to let them close (hopefully all the way) on their own. I have heard that the size of the holes does effect the cost of the procedure. The holes are both currently 3 millimeters. Also, neither ear has any scar tissue in it. I live in the Chicago area and would appreciate it if you could give me some info on what the cost might be.

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Earlobe repair, reduction, and piercing

Earlobe repair, reduction, and piercing are all similar in that they attempt to change the appearance of the lobule and piercing may necessitate the need for future treatment.  

  1. Repair - generally, I cut out the defect and adjacent borders so as to close and approximate normal tissue to normal tissue.  This goes on to heal as a straight line with little fuss.
  2. Reduction - similar to repair but instead of closing a hole or gap, I remove tissue at the junction of the ear and skin of the face.  This is typically performed at the time of a facelifting procedure.
  3. Piercing - Well, after you repair, won't you want to proceed with piercing?  I advise my patients to wait 2 -3 months so as to allow the area to heal so as not to run into any future problems such as stretching


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Stretched Earlobe Repair Cost Range

Earlobe Repair Cost Factors
Of course the complexity and extent of the earlobe deformity correction will be the major factor  guiding the price. For example fixing an enlarged piercing would only be 2-3 hundred dollars but a severely stretched earlobe, one that requires a major reduction, completely torn ear lobe or congenital deformity will all require different complexities of repair. Local Anesthesia is typically used but IV sedation could be used but costs more as a certified surgery center would be utilized. These type of repairs which would range approximately from approximately $500 - $1500 surgeon's fees for Orange County, California.

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Near complete earlobe split repair

There are different approaches to this problem depending upon the size of the hole.  If the hole is actually over stretched and almost ready to pull all the way through then this may require converting it to a complete split and then doing a standard split earlobe repair.  If the hole is relatively small then many times it can be simply excised and repaired.   Either of these procedures can be done under local anesthesia in the office.  I have attached a video describing this procedure.  

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Cost of ear lobe repair

The fee will vary but I charge $750 per ear with an appropriate discount if both are repaired in the same sitting. If the ears have been gauged, this is a more extensive operation and the fee would be higher.

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Pricing varies. But the range between $500-2500 would be around what I would expect.

Pricing varies. I would try to avoid the cheapest person. This person may not have the most safest environment and I would be wary of the less expensive person. I would consider all factors in making the decision and go with your intuition.  We have other informative videos and information on our website and a link is included to help you find us.

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Earlobe Repair

Thank you for the question.

I would suggest checking with the American Society of plastic Surgeons for well-qualified plastic surgeons in your area.   During your consultation asked to see examples of the surgeons work.

Generally, earlobe  repair is a relatively simple procedure done under local anesthesia with minimal recovery. Costs vary from  practice to practice ($500-$1000  in our practice).

I hope this helps.

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Ear piercing closure

All Board Certified Plastic Surgeons (American Board of Plastic Surgery) can close your pierced ears. 3 MM hole is small enough to close , avarage cost $750-1500

Those with holes that are several centimeters require reconstruction and cost more

Samir Shureih, MD
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