Can Earlobe Reduction Be Corrected?

I got an earlobe reduction, however the method he used was to stitch my detatched earlobes to my face. There was not much earlobe even removed. Then because I did have an old scar in front of one ear he took the skin and stitched it behind the ear to hide the scar. Now the earlobe has not healed well, and it red (after one year) around the area the earlobe connects to the skin. It looks so unnatural. I fear I am never able to reveal ears ever again. Please help.

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Ear Lobe Reduction Can Be Corrected After Otoplasty

An in office consultation or pictures would be helpful to truly give you an opinion. However, ear lobe reduction can be corrected after a prior procedure under local anesthesia in the office. I would also be curious to know why the area is still red after a year as this is usually enough time for redness to settle.

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Earlobe reduction: revision

How long does it take to heal and can it be revised?
Early healing for #earlobeReduction occurs in the first week. There are always asymmetries before and after. Scars are generally well hidden and may have a small amount of redness and that persists for several months. This can be treated with scar creams and laser. Re-piercing can be done 3 to 6 weeks after surgery. Swelling is usually significant in the first several weeks and some can persist for a few months but not as common.

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Earlobe surgery for unattached ears

Dear dibbler1989,

  • This can be treated with a small procedure
  • We can separate the earlobe from the upper neck in a way that it heals in a detached fashion
  • An in person consultation would help answer more questions for you since someone can take a look to see how small they really are and what we can do about it


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Ear Lobe Repair

Thank you for your question.

In my practice, I perform this procedure under local anesthesia.  The stretched out portion of the earlobe is excised (cut out) and the two "raw edges" are brought together.  This normally results in a nice repair.  Because each patient is different and because you have already had some surgery performed on your ears, I would want to examine the area to discuss the procedure that would work best in your case.

I hope this helps.

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