Earlobe Piercing Swelling? (photo)

So I got my earlobes pierced almost 3 weeks ago. It was okay, and then suddenly the right earlobe started swelling and throbbing. Even if I don't touch it, it feels painful. I was given anti bacterial medicine that's oral, about a week ago but didn't finish it. What do I do to reduce the swelling?

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Swelling after earlobe piercing

Your pictures do not show any obvious sign of infection, but if you are having swelling and pain, I would seek medical attention.  A physical exam would be helpful to determine if there might be an infection and if there is, that should be treated as soon as possible.  

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Swelling after a earlobe piercing

Early healing for #earlobeReduction occurs in the first week.  Swelling is usually significant in the first several weeks and some can persist for a few months but this is not as common. Ice, elevation, and arnica gel are used in my practice
Make sure you don't have an infection

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Earlobe Piercing Site Infection

Thank you for your question. The development of pain following a procedure may be a sign of infection. You should see your doctor for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Swelling may accompany infection and should subside as the infection clears. Good luck to you.

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Earlobe surgery and piercing - Los Angeles

You may have an infection and it may be prudent to revisit the person who pierced the ear and then have it removed. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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