Earlobe Keloid - Treatment Debulk Or Cut It All?

I had my keloid excised before but didn't follow through with after treatment and it grew back bigger. 3 X3. I went to kaiser today and my doctor told me the best route for me would be debulking (90% excision) leaving 10% to be treated with cortisone injections. She said cutting it all could trigger an aggressive reoccurrence. I'm contemplating going out of pocket and getting it all cut off with radiation therapy to follow..please specialized doctor opinions?

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Ear Keloid Surgery

My approach to keloid removal has evolved. I remove as much of the keloid as I can without amputating the ear lobe or creating something that creates an irreversible new deformity.  On some level one has to anticipate that the keloid will return if not managed post operatively very carefully with a combination of pressure dressings, steroids and other antimetabolite injections.  If I can prove to myself and patient through pretreatment that these treatments can have an effect on the keloid, then I will go ahead with the surgical excision. I have used radiation therapy, before, but don't really feel that this is a great utilization in most instances, and I have seen recurrences even with radiation.

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Treatment of keloids without radiation

Your keloid can be carefully managed to prevent recurrence.  I have had enormous experience with non-radiation based keloid management with great success. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Keloid scars earlobe

Keloid scars are a challenge.  In some studies there is a 50-90% chance of recurrence despite doing everything right.  Excision as described followed by compression therapy and possible steroid injections is usually recommended.  Radiation following surgery has been shown to decrease the recurrence of keloids but you also have to look into the side effects and possible long term effects of radiation.  Get all the information you can to make an educated decision.  Consult with the radiation doctor as well so they can tell you exactly what to expect. Good luck.

Albert Dabbah, MD
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