Ear Surgery Otoplasty and Ears Look a Little Different?

I just underwent Otoplasty (the correction was to be very minimal). Post-surgery myself and the surgeon checked out the results. On checking I could see that my left ear had been over-corrected while the right was perfect. The surgeon decided to cut the stitch in my left ear so I only have the "skin" stitch. My ears still look a little different but only by 2mm or so. Could there really have been any change made to my left ear at all? I asked him if there was any difference in my ears

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Asymmetrical Otoplasty Result

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Realistically your ears were not perfectly symmetric before surgery and so it is common to have some slight asymmetry afterwards. On close inspection few if any otoplasty surgeries have a perfectly symmetrical ear result. Also be aware that when you undergo any procedure for a 'minimal' change, these are often the type of procedures that end up being revised or the patient is not entirely happy. This is because when the problem is small, there is no room for error.Any slight differences or deviations from the perfect result will be scrutinized.

Otoplasty Expectations

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I'm not sure exactly what it is you are hoping to find get at, but perhaps, I can shed some light on otoplasty.

The body is asymmetrical from side to side, including the ears.  This includes size, placement on the head, shape, projection, etc.  In performing an otoplasty, it is generally accepted that if the asymmetry is less than 3 mm, that is acceptable.  Therefore, if the right is perfect, and the left is 2mm, then this sounds like a hit to me.

Now if you want a more quantitative answer, ask to see your chart.  I measure the ears at various points, and you can compare to preop.

It is important to remember that the ears are swollen for quite a while, and really what is important is how you feel about how you look, not what the numbers say.

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