Ear Lobe Reduction

Can a male who is 16 get ear lobe reduction surgery even if he is still growing. He is only maybe midpoint of puberty( late bloomer). His ears do not have deformities just above average size/

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Otoplasty ear lobe reduction at 16

Most of the literature state that your ears reach adult size around the age of 5. This is the age that most otoplasties are done for children. It is also the time point when kids start to become more self aware and self conscious. So at age 16 you can get earlobe reduction but I would get multiple opinions to pick the right doctor!

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Ear lobe reduction is usually performed in patients over 60.

Ear lobe reduction is an in-office procedure that is performed with local anesthetic and minimal inconvenience or downtime. Patients requesting this procedure usually notice their lobes have elongated with age.

The 16 year-old you're referring to may be a candidate for surgery, though I have not performed this procedure on children. Feel free to repost your question with photos of his ears.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Joseph

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Earlobe reduction in teenager

Age 16, per se,  is not a contraindication for earlobe reduction but teen agers need to be carefully screened for maturity, appropriateness, and expectations for any cosmetic surgery. Seek an experienced, caring surgeon. Ask to see photos.

C. Dennis Bucko, MD
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Ear lobe surgery on younger patients

At the age of 16 the ears are essentially fully grown and developed, so medically speaking, it should be fine.  If there's any question about his growth I would wait a year or so.  He and/or you may feel differently about the ear lobe if he grows more in the near future.  That being said, ear lobe reduction is done with relative easy in the right hands.  

Best of luck

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Earlobe reduction

Earlobe reduction can be performed for a variety of patient demographics.  The most common is older females who find their enlarging earlobes less attractive.  For the younger age groups, the ears are nearly full grown in the early teen years so if surgery is perfomed to correct a deformity, it will have long lasting benefits.  Seek a board certified plastic surgeon to assist in his care.

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