If Ear Cartilage Doesn't Grow Back on Its Own and the Perichondrium is Avail. Can You Use Stemcells to Regenerate the Cartilage?

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Regenerating ear cartilage

Although the science of regenerating ear cartilage is possible in theory at this point in time it is not used clinically 

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Cartilage grafts in Rhinoplasty

That's a fantastic question.  Studies have looked at cartilage regeneration after rib cartilage harvest, and have found that when the perichondrium remains intact there is in fact regrowth of cartilage - albeit different in shape and consistency.  As you probably also know, entire ears have been grown from stem cells on the backs of mice.  So the answer is, yes, the cartilage could be regenerated but at this point prohibitively expensive to have clinical practicality.  

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