Ear Cartilage Place In Nose 16 Years Ago, Can I Take it Out?

It's been 15 years since I had an ear cartilage graft placed inside my nose. It has always bothered me as it was not needed. I did not need any building up or projection. I wanted a smaller nose. I was told the previous doctor took too much cartilage out but I thought my nose looked fine and just wanted it same but smaller. Can this be taken out after all of this time without falling or could the graft be at least smoothed out and less pointy? I would really prefer this be taken out.

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Removal of Ear Cartilage Graft from Nose

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The cartilage graft can be refined or removed to achieve the desired look. The fact that it has been present for 15 years will not make this procedure more difficult. You are an excellent example of why I recommend the use of the patient's own tissue rather than synthetics over the past 35 years; it is much easier to fix a problem like yours.

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Ear cartilage graft

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It can be removed or smoothed if it is visible and creating a problem. If it is just something that is bothering you psychologically that still may enough reason to do something, but just remember the saying "the enemy of good is better". If you have a good nose that has done well for fifteen years, you might want to leave it alone. Any time you start doing new things there is a small risk of unpredictable healing and scarring which can create new problems.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty to remove ear cartilage

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 Ear cartilage grafts  placed in the nose are more firm, hard and can have visible edges present. As long as the implant has been placed only for cosmetic purposes it can certainly be removed. If any further grafting is necessary, it is important to know whether or not any cartilage on the inside the nose is still available. Looked for an experienced revision rhinoplasty specialist to obtain the best result.

Nose revision cartilage graft

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It can be removed, however, it is essential to make sure it is not covering a defect or acting as a support. How does it  bother you? Can you see it or can you feel it? Over a period of time a few patients with thin  skin may notice that the cartilage can be seen .  Common areas for this to occur are at the top of the nose (between the eyes) or near the tip. I would recommend a consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to review the pros and cons of removal.

David F. LaPatka, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty to remove cartilage

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Yes you can have it removed. Was it put there for structural support or for volume?  Where is the cartilage located in your nose? the dorsum, tip, columellar area. Can you see it or feel it?

Ask your new surgeon to evaluate it for you.


David Ellis MD

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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