Want my nose to look like it did after Hyalouronic Acid injection. Ear Cartilage Vs Fascia Grafting in a 3rd Rhinoplasty? photo

This is how my nose looks when is swollen exactly after I had some hyalouronic acid injected. It is an example of how I would like my bridge to remain after an attempt to enhance the bridge with another rhinoplasty. Do you think that fascia used on its own and not wrapped into another kind of cartilage etc would be a suitable method to bring similar results? With my thin skin and damaged tissues do you think that fascia or ear cartilage grafting is a better approach for that?

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You may wish to consider a permanent injectable filler, if you like how your nose looks after an HA treatment.

I read your concerns and reviewed your photos: You could have widening of your bridge with Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. In my view, you should leave rhinoplasty surgery as a last resort. Hope this helps. Dr. Joseph

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Fascia on the nose

Fascia on the nose may or may not give a fuller appearance.   Usually fascia is used for coverage when the patient has a thin skin envelope.

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