Is Ear Cartilage Strong Enough to Lengthen the Nose?

Im Asian and have thick heavy skin, based on these characteristics im not sure ear cartilage would be strong enough to support and hold the tip down. Are my concerns valid? I believe i need my nose lengthened approx 10mm or so to de-rotate the tip; bringing it back down into a neutral/down pointing direction.

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Ear carlilage in asian rhinoplaty

No - ear cartilage is not strong enough to lengthen a nose or de-rotate a tip. At least, not if it is being used as and extended spreader to push the tip complex out. Septal or rib cartilage is needed. However, ear cartilage can be used as an infratip graft which may provided a modest amount of length - 1-2 mm at most.

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Tip counter-rotation techniques

It's difficult to counter-rotate the nose more than few millimeters with just ear cartilage. With a combination of septal cartilage (cartilage inside your nose) and ear cartilage more lengthening and counter-rotation is possible. 10 mm of lengthening may or may not be possible depending on your skin envelope, and would only be possible with rib cartilage.

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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Is Ear Cartilage Strong Enough to Lengthen the Nose?

Ear or septal cartilage can be used to lengthen the nose as can rib. If septal or ear cartilage is sufficient this would be preferred.

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Lengthening the Asian nose

Ear cartilage can be used to lengthen the nose, and I prefer it in most cases, as I find that rib cartilage leads to a nose that is too stiff. If the amount of lengthening needed is extreme, then you may need a lot of cartilage to reconstruct the tip - in most cases, two ears is enough.

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Lengthening the Nose

This is a common request.  The tip can be brought down and derotated while lengthening the nose.  However, it is not that one type of cartilage is stronger than is the amount of cartilage needed to achieve what you are looking for.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can evaluate the inside and outside of your nose, perform 3D computer imaging so that you can visualize what you may look like afterwards, assist you with achieving the results you seek.

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