Can I Use Only Ear Cartilage Grafts for Nose Tip?

Asian woman31 years old,never had a previous all nose job.Tip of my nose drop.want to lift tip of nose.My surgeon will use only ear cartilage grafts because easier to harvest during the surgery,save time for surgery,not to be inpatient because using septum to do under anesthesia in hospital,more risk,expensive.My country,ear cartilage popular more.Is it possible tip nose can warp,strong enough after tiplasty with ear cartilage grafts?More complication,Safe?

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Ear Cartilage Grafts for Nasal Tip

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Either septal or ear cartilage can be used to improve the contour and projection of your tip. There is no difference in the risks with either technique. It would actually be easier to use   septal cartilage because your surgeon could avoid operating on your ear.

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