Ear Cartilage Grafting Used in a Third Rhinoplasty to Correct Deep Alar Creases and Soften Tip (photo)

My nose is left looking sharp and skinny and needs some cushioning between skin and bone to look softer. I have relatively thin skin and probably a lot of scarring What are some risks of ear cartil grafting for revision? Is there a risk of the graft becoming visible, change shape, break or shift? might my nose feel stiff after this? my tip might become big due to my somehow wide alar base and current shape of my lobule Apart from narrowing my alar base a bit can tip suturing work to avoid getting it big? 

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Ear Cartilage Grafts in 3rd Rhinoplasty

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Your nasal asymmetry,  thinness, and deep alar creases can be be improved with cartilage grafts. Fascia can be placed over these grafts to hide them in a patient with thin skin. The other possible complications you mention as well as making the nose too big are possible problems, but the risks will be minimized by having the work done by an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon.  The specific techniques will be discussed during pre- operative consultations.

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