Is ear cartilage graft resorption possible after primary Rhinoplasty?

I had primary rhinoplasty two weeks ago. I had ear cartilage used to augment the nasal bridge. I'm concerned that the cartilage will resorb. My course has not been complicated by anything. If I'm stable at two weeks out, does that mean my nose should not change? If resorption of cartilage were to happen, when after surgery does it usually occur? Thanks

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Ear cartilage grafts used for augmentation rhinoplasty almost always permanent.

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I don't think you have much to worry about. Most cartilage graft to the nose do not resorbed. Bone grafts on the other hand will resorbed.

Cartilage grafts in rhinoplasty are stable

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Cartilage is unique in that the cartilage cells are quite stable and resist resorption very well. The cartilage is circulation independent, shape stable, soft and pliable and ideal for creating nasal shape and support. Your cartilage grafts will stay for a lifetime.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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