Does Ear Cartilage Decrease in Volume (Almost Futile) over Time with Tip Plasty?

I had tip plasty recently and the change is so subtle. It did increase my tip but I was hoping it to be higher. I had it done just three weeks ago and it's not that high. I am worried that after many years it's gonna be futile. Will it still be there after say, 20, 30, years? I am talking about the tip only by the way, not the bridge.

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Does Ear Cartilage Decrease in Volume (Almost Futile) over Time with Tip Plasty?

You really need to speak with your surgeon; however, your ear cartilage in your nose should be fine for many years.  All of us, as we mature, experience drooping of all parts of our body, including the nose, and you will find after 20 to 30 years, that the tip of your nose will begin to droop.  Gravity is a pretty strong force! 


Jonathan Ross Berman, M.D. , F.A.C.S.

Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Ear cartilage survival in rhinoplasty

Once the graft takes and it is stable over a year or so, it should last a lifetime. That being said it can take a year or two to see your final results depending upon the healing process so you may continue to see additional improvement over time.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Ear Cartilage Graft in Rhinoplasty

Ear cartilage generally lasts a long time with very little resorption, making it an excellent graft material for rhinoplasty.  Last week I did a revision rhinoplasty for a patient done initially twelve years earlier, and I found the ear cartilage tip graft looking as it must have at the time of placement.  It had shifted position and all I had to do was suture it back in place, without the need for additional grafting.

I don't think you have to fear loss or resorption of your graft, and you are very early in the healing process to be able to judge the final result. 

James Bartels, MD
Manchester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Duration of Ear Cartilage Grafts

Once the ear cartilage heals in its new location it will last a lifetime. Wait for the swelling to resolve before you try to judge your result.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Ear cartilage graft - How long will it last?

It sounds as though you are a little disappointed with the amount of change you saw in the tip. As swelling resolves this may likely improve the appearance and the tip changes will appear more noticeable. Longevity of ear cartilage is excellent so probably not issue there. Hold off any final judgments for at least 6 months. Chances are everything will turn out well. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

Jon F. Harrell, DO, FACS
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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