Dysport verses juvederm - Reactions?

About a year ago I had Dysport injected in forehead and got terrible reaction. I would like to get Juvederm around my lips and mouth. Please advise

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Reactions to Dysport vs Juvederm

These are two entirely different products. It would be like comparing an apple to an eggplant. Just not the same in any way. Dysport is a neurotoxin made of a specific type of protein. Juvederm is a filler made of hyaluronic acid. Having a reaction to one would in no way mean you could have a reaction to the other. It's impossible to compare.

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Dysport reaction

Thank you for your question.

Dysport and Juvederm are very different products. While both are used to help reduce facial wrinkles and creases, they act in different manners.  Dysport weakens muscles that cause wrinkles, while Juvederm directly fills in the wrinkles.

Without further information on what type of reaction you had with Dysport it is difficult to determine your risk level with Juvederm. That being said, since the products are so different it would be unlikely that you would have a similar reaction.

I would discuss your concerns with your physician to best determine how to proceed.

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Dr. Stutman

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Dysport verses juvederm - Reactions

Dysport and Juvederm are completely different products with 2 different goals.  Although you didn't mention what your reaction was, I believe there is no issue having Juvederm. 

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These are very different products.

I would say that there should not be an issue at all.  Having said that, what makes sense to doctors does not always work for patients.  I had the experience of treating a patient with dysport and he experiences a mild reaction which was attributed to a known systemic effect of dysport.  I advised this person not to do botulinum toxin products any more.  About a year later, I treated them with Restylane-sure enough, same reaction.  The reaction was a panic disorder not an idiosyncratic drug reaction.  Just saying.  Try the filler, you should be fine.

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