Cheeks and Mouth Affected by Dysport for Crow's Feet

Had Dysport for crowsfeet (no under eye injections) and forehead. Cheeks and mouth corners will not raise and is uneven. What happened?!? Eyelids feel very tight with freaky vertical lines if I squint. Was this caused by crowsfeet or forehead injections? Have used Botox many times with no issues.

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Decreased abilty to Smile after Neuro-toxin

One of the muscles that makes you smile, is the Zyomaticus Major muscle. It runs from just under the lateral part or your eye to the corner of your mouth.

Dysport diffuses further than Botox, Most likely, the crows feet injections have effected this muscle. Generally your smile will return more quickly, as the smiling muscles are stronger than the ones in your forehead. However, it may take three to four months for the effect to fully wear off.

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What ypu are describing could be due to the dysport . But before you make the judgement, you need to look at older pictures of you and make sure this is not preexisting, but have not been noticed.

If it is due to the dysport then it was injected very deep when the crows feet were injected, and the muscle arising from the cheeck bone to the corner of the mouth was affected by the Dysport.

You will have to wait till the effect of the Dyspotr disappear

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