I Had Dysport 2 Days Ago and the Crease Has Gone Only Above 1 Eyebrow. Will This Get Better?

I has dysport 2 days ago, I only had superficial wrinkles so they were very minor... When I raise my left eyebrow the crease has gone but on my right it still raises to create a crease. Will this get better?

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Uneven creases after treatment

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Early results with any of the neurotoxins can initially be spotty with some areas "taking" faster than others.  If you still have persistent uneveness after 10 days with Dysport you should return to your provider for a touch up.

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Will Dysport results get better

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Neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport take 7-10 days for full effects. Some muscles will be affected faster than others. If you still have an uneven creasing after 10 days, then return to your injector for a possible touch-up, but doing it too soon could lead to overinjection and ptosis. So wait the 10 days to see how everything evens out.

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Forehead appearance after treatment with Dysport

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The appearance of your forehead may change as the Dysport takes full effect - in about a week.  If you still have a crease on your right, a small amount of additional Dysport can be injected to soften this area.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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