Dynamic Wrinkles on Cheeks and Eyes when I Smile..Help? (photo)

Hello. I had some fillers done a few months ago under eye and nasal labial. They looked good...but..Now they look like they've dissolved and these new lines have formed only when I smile. i didnt have these a few months ago. Willfillers correct this? Someone recommended fillers in temple would work? I have olive skin so I want to avoid lasers etc. any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm in my late 40s. And I know worshipping the sun hasn't helped.. Thank you!

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Wrinkes in cheeks and eyes

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Dear Nicole 65,
The wrinkles that go from your eyes down your cheeks comes from a loss of volume in your cheeks. I would recommend a filler like Voluma and Juvederm to help these lines. Botox is good for the wrinkles around the eyes.
Hope this helps,
Dr. R

New York Dermatologist

Dynamic Wrinkles on Cheeks and Eyes when I Smile..Help?

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Without a photo provided its best you seek an experienced injector for an in-person evaluation. Using a filler like Belotero may help with this issue

Dynamic wrinkles on cheeks

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I do not know if filler would eliminate these but I do think a a filler , like Sculptra, that is well done will help.

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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