At week three, should I be experience constant pain with my incisions?

I am three weeks post op. My surgeon did the lollipop incision. All incision sites burn and make walking miserable. It feels raw. Three days ago my right breast broke open in a small area and bleed some. Also, my scar line is very jagged (is that normal). I called his office but he said it's ok to wait for a few days to come in. The pain is getting worse and my concern is also increasing. Should I go somewhere for a second opinion?

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Breast issue

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If you feel that you should be seen ASAP, then contact the surgeon again  to see if he can see you sooner or seek someone else.

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Although this seems critically urgent to you, your surgeon feels that there is nothing that can be done immediately to ease your pain.  It will take you longer to find someone to get you in to see a plastic surgeon for a second opinion to wait the few days to see your surgeon.From your brief description, it sounds as if you may be spitting some sutures or have minor wound breakdown.  Keep these areas covered with Vaseline or bacitracin and dry gauze to keep the open tissues moist.  I'm sure your surgeon is just as interested in you having a good outcome as you are. As far as a "jagged scar line", photos would be needed to comment.Good luck

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Pain at Incisions

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Thank you for your question.  I'm sorry this is happening to you.
If your pain is getting worse and your concern is increasing, I recommend contacting your doctor's office and asking if you can be seen sooner.  If for some reason you feel that your doctor is not taking care of you, you are always able to seek out another opinion, but it's highly recommended you work with your own doctor first.

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