I am dx with dystonia in my r foot. My neurologist has given me 2 Botox injections, 20 units & 40 units, with no effect?

I fx'ed my left patella in a fall where I hit my left side and head. After I had the brace removed, I noticed that my toes on my R foot were curling as I walked. The toes tense and grip when I take a step. I am able to relax them when I think about it, but as soon as I focus on something else, the toes grip on the next step.It has been a year and 1 month with no change. My Doc now wants to try Myobloc, but I've read that it is less effective. Is there another dx that would expalin my symtoms?

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Botox for dystonia

1. If Botox does not work, I use Xeomin, because it has no protein that can cause the body to inactivate it,
2. It is possible the Botox was not injected into the muscles causing the dystonia,
3. The underlying problem may be muscle weakness after the brace - toes reacting to weak ankle support.
4. Vigorous muscle building of the calf and thigh muscles, balance exercises and stretching may help.

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