How Does Dusa Photodynamic Therapy Work?

I had the procedure done today for my acne. The doctor and staff members did not an adequate job telling me exactly what was going on. They gave me an info sheet 4 weeks ago, but did not say much to me for the initial treatment day. Levulan kerastick solution was placed on my face for 30 mins. Then, I was told to rinse it of,not wash it of. Following the rinse, I was placed under the light for 5 mins. Is 5 mins a good time? Also, my face has yet to start peeling or gotten red. Is that normal?

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Yes Levulan PDT does work for acne

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Yes, Levulan PDT by DUSA Pharmaceutical works.  However, if you are not peeling at all you may have needed a longer incubation time or longer under the blue light. 

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Photodynamic therapy for acne causes redness for 1-2 days

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Photodynamic therapy for acne causes redness for 1-2 days. The intensity of photodynamic therapy can be increased by leaving the chemical on for a longer period of time or by increasing the intensity of the laser.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist

Acne Treatment with PDT

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The Blue Light is approved for use in acne, however I have found that the pulsed dye laser is a better activator of the Levulan when treating acne, and the literature backs this up.  You probably could have used another 10-15 minutes under the light to activate the medicine, course then you would have had a significant amount of redness after the procedure.

Thomas W. Bender, III MD
Mobile Dermatologic Surgeon

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