Upturned nose with big nostrils; will the tip drop down? (Photos)

Hi, I had secondary rhinoplasty done 2 days ago and I am so worried that I'll be left with this upturned nose I have at the minute. Please can someone offer advice? Will the tip drop down? Thanks in advance for replies

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Worried Immediately After Surgery

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It is very easy to be worried immediately after surgery, because what patients don't realize (and what we surgeons know very well) is that swelling is responsible for a tremendous amount of distortion when you are only a few days post-op.  Please do not put undue stress on yourself:  you are looking at swelling, not your result.  In my office, I make sure that my patients know what to expect in regard to swelling, and it is much less stressful for them.  If you are worried, please call your surgeon, and he or she will be able to comfort you by letting you know that your swelling is obscuring your result. Nonetheless, I do hope my words are some comfort to you until then.

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