Double bubble: Am I responsible for getting this fixed? (photos)

I went to my surgeon and expressed my concern about this double bubble he said it indeed was one but was "barely noticeable" and he did "everything correct" this is almost more embarrassing than my lack of volume breasts pre surgery. He said it would improve over time but it has gotten worse.  I'm 8 mo post op

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It does appear to be a mild double bubble

This can be very frustrating for the patient, but it does happen, and it's not necessarily anyon'e "fault."  By asking if you are responsible, I'm not sure if you mean did you do something to cause it or should you have to pay to have it repaired.  I doubt you did anything to contribute to it, unless you did not wear a supportive bra as possibly advised by your plastic surgeon.  It is a correctable problem, and I personally share in that expense with my patients.  They do have a responsibility in contributing towards revision surgery, but so do I, and we never make a profit from revision surgeries.

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More pictures

It would be nice to see more pictures. A double bubble can occur for many reasons.  Best of luck.......

Steven Wallach, MD
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Double bubble

It would be nice to see more pictures, especially without your hand compressing the breast. I do not believe your surgeon did anything wrong. There are several issues which can arise at the lower part of the breast. The infra-mammary fold can give way and the implant can be displaced too low, or you can have " bottoming-out, or a double bubble phenomenon. I believe you have the last. Many times, in fact most times the implants are placed under the pectoralis major muscle. This decreases the risk of several complications. However some people have a particular type of anatomy of their lower breast, where the breast is almost constricted. There might be a difference seen preoperatively. This can lead to the breast not expanding and hiding the lower part of the implant. This can be difficult to fix. In some cases the implants may be moved to on top of the muscle if its bad enough(especially when moving the arm). If mild, usually the breast looks much better than before and you have to realize there are limits to what implants can do, and your friends results aren't necessarily going to be your results. If you can't live with the double bubble and it can not be fixed to your satisfaction, you can always remove the implants. Ask your PS what other options there are, as well as seeking other opinions.

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Breast Augmentation Revision

Sid.  I am sorry you are having this problem, but hard to tell from your photos if you have double bubble or just pocket became a bit too low. Either way, your condition is fixable. While it is true that your surgeon did not do anything wrong, I would think he or she would want you to achieve the best possible result. Go back to your surgeon and explain your frustration. Good luck!

Robert M. Tornambe, MD
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