Breast Uplift Removal Replacement and Size Query? (photo)

I want Fake looking not natural boobs - extra high profile - full upper poll, around 700cc 6.5 projection and 13.9 diameter - in eurosillicon book they go to 800cc. im 5ft 9 slim build and can carry it off. i will need uplift will it have to be anchor? there is 500cc mentors in from 2003 i have cap contracture. what size do u think

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Going Bigger After Breast Augmentation


Thank you for sharing your photos along with your post.

It seems that your main goal is to obtain perky well rounded breasts hence pushing towards the 700-800cc implants.

Your photos do show ptosis and capsular contracture and so considering the aforementioned, I encourage you to reconsider the 700-800cc of implants since you can address the major issue through different approaches that has lower risks of causing you problems at short run.

A major lift as well as dealing with the capsular contracture could fit your case best.

That being said, please remember that commendable results require an exceptionally skilled surgeon to perform the surgery and settling for anything less than that increases the chances of additional corrective surgeries dramatically.
I hope this helps and please feel free to check the website below.

Thank you for your inquiry.
The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) With Large Implants

Good Morning and thank you for your photos.  Your desire to have unnatural breasts can lead to further problems.  From the pictures it is clear that your breasts are sagging over the implants and a breast lift (most likely a Vertical/Lollipop lift) will be necessary to reposition them.  You also mentioned that you have a capsular contracture which further distorts the shape of your breasts and should be addressed.

Significantly increasing your implant size is likely to create further problems.  Your breasts may sag further over the implants and a more extensive breast lift could be necessary (Anchor / Full-Scar Mastopexy) to address this.  Additionally, larger implants place you at higher risk for capsular contractures (CC).  You have a history of CC and are therefore at higher risk to begin with.  The larger implants will also stretch out our skin even further leading to thinning of the breast tissue and significant risk for earlier 'sagging' of the skin after a breast lift.

Meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss these issues is very important so that you are fully aware of the potential issues associated with pursuing the additional surgery you are looking to do.

Best Wishes!!!

Louis DeLuca, MD
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Size will necessitate an indepth exam and discussion, you will need a circumvertical lift


Thank you for the question and photos.  Size is one of the most important decisions you can make in terms of satisfaction of breast augmentation.  It sounds like you may be searching for very large, very high projection breasts.  If you currently have 500ml you will likely be looking at 700-800 in HP or extra-HP implants.  In terms of breast lift, you will likely be best served by a circumvertical breast lift (lolli pop).

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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You will likely need a lift to get the look you want

Although it is difficult to tell from the pictures, it can be cumbersome to correct capsular contracture and lift the implant at the same time.  This is not an easy case - I would recommend seeing several physicians and be sure that you like the doctor's before and afters patients with problems similar to yours.

W. Tracy Hankins, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Best Breast Implant Size for Revisionary Breast Surgery?

Thank you for the question and pictures.   I suggest you find goal pictures, demonstrating what you would like to achieve.

If I were seeing you in consultation, I would ask that you allow me to choose the best breast implant size/profile to match your goals ( that you demonstrate in the goal pictures),  after the use of  temporary sizers during surgery.  
Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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"You can't always get what you want" in breast augmentation

I appreciate your communicating what you want but it just isn't that easy.  First, if you have CC, your body is telling you that it isn't that happy with implants in the first place.  Then to ask it to accept huge bigger implants may not be reasonable.  Add to that the fact that when you need a lift, your tissue elasticity is poor and holding up a big full look is virtually impossible.  Ask several plastic surgeons in person but listen when they tell you what can and cannot be done.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast uplift and increase in implant size?

Thank you for your question. It appears to me that you have already obtained your desired result of having "fake boobs".  Why push if further?  Your implants are very contracted now and any attempt to further increase the implant size will undoubtedly lead to further contractures and further sagging of the breast skin.  I would suggest that you seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your wishes.   

Donald M. Brown, MD (retired)
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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