Duration of Results for Botox and Fillers in Frownline and Eye Area?

I have read that longevity for either of these treatments is several months give or take. But I want to know more specifically what that means. Does that mean that within a few months time wrinkles/frownlines have reappeared as they were pre-treatment? Or that within a few months time the results begin to dissipate? In other words, from the day that you see your best results, how long til it looks again like it was pre-treatment? Please speak to tear trough and 11's area.

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Botox and fillers duration of effect

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Botox lasts for about three to four months. Once it wears off the lines reappear the same or better than before treatment, not worse.  it ususally wears off within a few weeks around the three month mark.  Fillers such as Restylane, injected int the tear trough can last eight or more months. I have seen patients whose result lasted more than a year.  It fades gradually over a month or two before it is gone. Sometimes there is a large percentage of the filler that has dissovled, but the small amount left behind can persist for many months later. this is why it is often the case that patients need less filler the next treatment.

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Botox and fillers for frown lines

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Botox typically lasts between 3-5 months for the frown area. A filler like restylane or juvederm tends to last 6-12 months, and on the longer side if there is Botox in the affected area at the same time. For best results and longevity (& minimal risk of side effects), you need the right amount of botox and filler injected at the right depth, so make sure to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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Longevity of Botox and fillers

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Fillers will last longer if combined with Botox.  For example, if you immobilize the muscles in the glabella (frown area) with Botox and then add a filler for any remaining line, the filler will last longer.  Likewise, in the upper lip, a little Botox to reduce movement will make the filler last longer.

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How long does Botox and Fillers last?

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Botox typically takes 3-7 days to start working and lasts around 4 months. It will not wear off all at once, so most people see it start to wear off around 3 months but it won't be completely gone until about 5 months. Fillers last around 8-12 months depending on the particular filler used and the location. Fillers in the undereye area tends to last the longest because there is very little movement, and filler in the lips lasts the shortest because there is constant movement.  Keep in mind that everyone is different and there are several different products that may work better for some people.

Botox and fillers

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Botox usually last 3-4 months and at about 3 months you will notice that motion begins to come back. With fillers they can last 6 months to a year and they will gradually  reduce in volume as they get absorbed.

Botox lasts for about four months

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The effect of Botox lasts approximately four months. Thereafter, the frown lines will reappear and, obviously, treatment does not stop the aging process occurring in the rest of your face.

It takes 3 months for the nerve endings to regenerate after a Botox treatment

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Botox is a purified proteins that disrupts a nerve's ability to stimulate a muscle to contract.  The protein is washed out/degraded within 24 hr but it takes 3 months for the nerve to regenerate its ability to stimulate its target muscle.  If this muscle has been inactive for a long time, as in after several consecutive botox treatmentse, it will take time to regrow and rebuild its ability to act strongly and thus it could take more than 3 months to see the effect of Botox 

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