How Durable Are Saline Implants if a Bad Fall is Taken? I Ride Horses and Am Afraid To Rupture Them.

I am a horseback rider & I compete & do a lot of jumping, not just a casual trail rider. My biggest worry is taking a fall & breaking the saline implants. They are going to be subpectoral. Falls do happen, not usually on the chest, but I am still stressing over the fact that I might rupture them. How durable are saline implants & can they withstand a bad fall? I haven't had the surgery yet, this is the biggest drawback for me, worrying that I won't be able to jump anymore due to the risk!

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Saline implants will hold up to a bad fall

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What the saline and the silicone gel implant have in common is the silicone elastomer rubber shell. Both implants will hold up to bad fall very well. You should be able to do what you wish without any thought about the implant.

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How Durable Are Saline Implants if a Bad Fall is Taken? I Ride Horses and Am Afraid To Rupture Them.

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Have no fear...get back up on that horse after!!! These implants are very durable and I have a number of patients that ride (and fall!) here in AZ. Certainly just riding is fine and you would have to have a direct fall onto your chest to possibly do any damage but many of us have very active patients and they do fine!!!

Implants and durability

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Implants are very durable. Sure, if you take a very big hit to your chest, they can rupture, just like your ribs can break.

Saline Implants durable enough to survive a fall?

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Saline implants are very durable and quite difficult to break even with a significant fall. In fact, it usually takes so much trauma to break an implant, that it is actually probably protective of your chest wall if you do crash.

I would not worry about this. You are getting saline implants which, if one ruptures, is a relatively easy thing to replace, and the only thing that comes out of it is saline. Unless you are getting a quite large implant that could interfere with your activities, you should not be limited by an augmentation. Follow your surgeons advice regarding limitation of activity early on after surgery. Once healed you can return to riding and jumping. Have fun!

What Causes Rupture of Saline Implants?

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Women are often worried that their breast implants may not stand up to their vigorous athletic activity.  No implant in the human body lasts forever, whether it be a breast implant , a total hip replacement or heart valve. When a saline implant ruptures it is most often caused by a "crease fold failure."  That means a wrinkle in the implant rubs against another wrinkle.  Chronic friction creates a thin spot  that eventually leaks.  This is more common on the face of excessive scar tissue , capsule formation.  Sometimes the valve useed to add fluid  leaks, but that is a less frequent cause of failure.  Rupture by blunt force is quite rare.  You should have no problem resuming your equestrian life!

Implant rupture from horseback riding

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RIding a horse would not rupture your implants, but if you fell off the horse, particularly at high speed, it could produce enough blunt trauma to rupture the implants. I have seen several cases in which patients involved in motor vehicle accidents reported deflation immediately after the trauma. This is definitely a consideration for you to evaluate in making a decision for surgery.

Implant Ruptures Not Usually Associated With Trauma

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Most implant (both saline and silicone) ruptures occur without any history of trauma.  In fact, in over 25 years of performing augmentations, I cannot recall any which could be directly associated with any sort of trauma.  Most implant ruptures are due to small defects which develop in the seams of the implants and ruptures are due more to bad luck than to lifestyles.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant Rupture and Horseback Riding?

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Thank you for the question.

Breast implants are  very durable;  it will require significant force/trauma to cause a rupture. However, falling off a horse and landing  on your chest  certainly may generate enough pressure/impact to cause a rupture. Ultimately, you will have to weigh your desire to have the procedure done versus the probability that you will experience such an impact/fall.

Most of my  or  horse back riding patients  would agree with your statement that such a fall would be unlikely;  although my experience is  anecdotal,  I have yet to have a  patient return with a rupture related to fall while horseback riding.  You will see one of them in the linked attached.

I hope this helps.

Riding Horses and Implants OK

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Breast Implants Should not limit sports including riding horses.
Although it is true that a severe blow to your breast implant could cause a rupture, it is also true that it could also fracture your ribs or do other bodily harm. I guess in some ways it would protect you I suppose. Breast implants are very sturdy and I encourage my patients to do all sports without restrictions.
Any severe trauma like falling directly on your implant with your full weight is capable of rupturing you implant. On the other hand the implants are quite sturdy and in most cases would probably withstand this force.

Implant rupture from a fall?

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I grew up on a small equestrian facility with a mother obsessed with hunter/jumper and fairly aggressive trail riding. She has broken a few bones so I understand where your concern comes from. That being said implant shells are quite strong and also very protected by your breast and the pectoral muscle. I have seen many terrible injuries sustained by women with breast implants from car and other accidents and none caused a rupture except a gun shot wound-yikes! The moral of the story is that you should be fine and be safe out there. Dr Kerr

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