How Durable and Wear-resistant is the Material from Which Lumineers Are Made?

What foods and drinks cause the most wear on lumineers?

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How Durable and Wear-resistant are Lumineers

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Lumineers is a brand name for the veneers made by a certain company with the  concept that the teeth have no preparation and the veneers are simply bonded to the existing teeth as they are.  There are many great labs which make "no prep veneers."  The no prep veneers are going to be extremely thin and usually more difficult to work with than traditional veneers.  In many cases, when there is no preparation at least in some areas, the cosmetic result is greatly compromised.  The durability will mainly depend upon your bite and whether you have habits such as clenching and grinding.  Any style of veneer can chip or break if excessive force is placed upon it.

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