How does Juvederm process work? (photos)

I'm interest in getting my lips plumped I want fuller lips and to have a less gummy smile. So how long does it take to do filler? How long is recovery? How often do you have to get lips refilled to maintain? General cost for lip filler? Any other important information I should know/consider?

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Juvederm Procedures

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Fillers like Juvederm, Perlane and Radiesse are volume fillers that increase the tissue layers that they are injected into.  Restylane and Juvederm are meant to be injected within the dermal layers, of the skin to fill in fine lines, wrinkles, folds and the borders of the lips. Juvederm (and Restylane) are made of hyaluronic acid, a natural component of the skin that progressively decreases with age. Hyaluronic acid is the fluid matrix that provides stabilization to the intercellular spaces that contain collagen and elastic fibers. Hyaluronic acid has the capacity to bind large quantities of water and keeps the skin firm and moisturized. The results, when Juvederm is expertly injected, should always look natural. However, your results will always depend upon the skill and experience of your physician injector.

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Gummy smile correction with Botox and timing for possible additional volumization of the upper lip

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The short answer is : consider conservative treatment with low does Botox for the gummy smile and return for evaluation. At that time, you may want to get volumization of the upper lip for the sake of volumization and not to treat the gummy smile look. You are correct in that the upper lip retracts with your smile and conservative filler may significantly improve that look.

Dr Karamanoukian
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Lip augmentation may not be the best way to reduce a gummy smile. Botox and oral surgery are other options available

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Thank you for your question. You’re concerned about your gummy smile and you’re wondering if making your lips fuller with Juvederm will help improve its appearance. You’re also asking how the Juvederm process works, the treatment frequency, and cost.

To give you a bit about my background – I’m a Board-certified cosmetic surgeon and Fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic surgeon, practicing in Manhattan and Long Island for over 20 years. In my practice, we use fillers every day to help people with the lip aesthetics, so I’ve certainly had a lot of experience using all kinds of fillers.

Now, based on your photo, you still seem to be quite young, so I would caution you against a lip augmentation strategy to address your concern. It can be quite easy, particularly in younger people, to overdo the appearance of the lip. In such cases where this occurs and the proportionality of the lips is thrown off, it can look very artificial.

It’s important to keep in mind that the way filler responds on you is going to be individual. While there are certain rules in terms of the spectrum of least to most viscous fillers and how they react when injected, there is still a wide variability in results.

I’d also like to point out that there is also a difference between treating a woman in her 40s with lip fillers in order to restore the outline of the lip, restore volume, and address lines around the lips, and treating a younger person who is trying to use lip augmentation to fix something else entirely.I think it would not work out well in terms of the overall aesthetics.

In fact, in cases such as yours wherein there is a need to make one’s smile less gummy, Botox is a conservative option that you can considerand could be done a couple of times a year.

I recommend you meet with experienced doctors who specialize in fillers and learn about your options, both surgical and non-surgical. You may also want to consider meeting with an oral surgeon, as I think the gummy smile situation may have something to dowith the way the teeth are set in terms of the jaw and the jaw bones. Ultimately, I think it would be better for a gummy smile to be treated directly, rather than indirectly by means of lip augmentation.

I hope that was helpful and I wish you the best of luck!

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Juvederm for Lips

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Juvederm is an ideal lip filler for the lips and it only takes a few minutes to inject them properly. The key is to consult a certified dermatologist who has experience with cosmetics and understands facial anatomy.  Best, Dr. Green

Lip injection

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It usually takes 30 minutes to inject filler into the lips. Often we recommend numbing cream prior to the appointment for the procedure to be more comfortable. I recommend Juvederm Ultra XC, which contains lidocaine for enhanced patient comfort. Recovery can take 1-2 weeks (some bruising and swelling), but ice to the area and arnica cream expedite the recovery. General cost varies per area - usually for one syringe it can be $500-600. In most patients , I find that the filler lasts about 9 months to one year. Another item that can help the gummy smile is injecting a small amount of botox in the upper cutaneous lip(off-label use). 

Paul S. Gill, MD
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How does Juvederm process work?

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There're several great products on the market which are used for lip enhancement. I would schedule an in person consultation with an experienced Board Certified PS or Board Certified Dermatologist to get more info.

Lip filler

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Great Question. Juvederm is a great filler to use in the lips to achieve a fuller and plumper look. Usually, it takes about 15-20 minutes in the office to perform the procedure. If you choose to numb beforehand, typically that is an additionally 20 minutes of numbing time. After the filler is placed, you may have some bruising and swelling of the lips which will take up to 2 weeks to completely resolve and then you will be able to see the final result. The cost of the filler will vary based on type of filler used,  location and skill of injector. I would recommend seeing a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your areas for a consult.

Expectations for lip filler

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Treatment of the lips to enhance volume should be done with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane.  Decision on which filler and how much will be used rests on a good consultation during which an honest conversation on expectations should be discussed.  Cost of the procedure can vary greatly based upon how much product is used, area of the country, and the skill of the injector.   These fillers will not have any noticeable effect on the "gummy" smile.  This can be treated with small amounts of botox.  Filler longevity can vary greatly from person to person and location of injection.  Lip injections generally fade more quickly than other areas of the face.  Repeat injections are usually carried out every 4-6 months depending on the person.  Be sure when considering lip filler to discuss the post-procedure expectations; lip fillers can cause dramatic swelling that can last a few days and up to a week.

Kyle Coleman, MD
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How does Juvederm process work?

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Thank you for your excellent question.  Juvederm is a very good product for plumping the lips making application of makeup easier and achieving a fuller lip appearance.  In the office fillers can be done in 10-20 minutes depending on the amount and location needed and there is little to no recovery.  I ask my patients to refrain from any strenuous activity that day but by the next morning they are free to resume their normal routine.  Fillers to the lips can last from 3 months on the shorter end and up to 6 months on the longer.  In some cases fillers can be combined with Botox to help improve a gummy smile appearance by relaxing the muscles that shorten your upper lip when smiling.  I would recommend you see an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon in consultation. They can reassure you of your concerns, and answer all your questions based on the goal appearance you wish to achieve.  

Plumper lips and gummy smile

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Thanks for your question. From the photos you've provided I would say you have some good lip volume already.  If you wanted to further augment this with Juvederm, it should only take a quick in office procedure.  It may take one syringe, or perhaps a second syringe. Price will vary depending upon the physician injector you go to see.  I encourage you to focus more on finding a well trained and qualified injector and let the chips fall where they may in terms of price; it is uncommon to find someone who is a far outlier in terms of cost.  Keep in mind a "gummy smile" can also be corrected using Botox, though this is an advanced injection technique.  Best of luck to you!

Alix J. Charles, MD
Hinsdale Dermatologic Surgeon

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