Is DUET Laser Hair Removal a Good Choice for Hispanic Skin Type?

I had one treatment with the new laser DUET and I didn't feel any pain, but I am not sure that was the best option for my skin color. I am hispanic and I have dark skin type. I was told that the DUET works great with all types of skin color. Is this true?

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Duet laser for hair removal

It is incorrect to say that if the laser doesn't hurt it won't produce good results.  The Duet has a vaccum pressure that creates a confusing signal back to the central nervous system and disquises pain from the laser energy for  hair removal.  On the other hand, the wavelength of the laser, despite having different pulse widths, may not be as safe as a frequency doubled NeodyniumYag (NdYag) laser at 1064nm wavelength for skin of color. The darker skin may absorb the Duet energy more superficially because the skin's melanin, or color, becomes the target, whereas the 1064nm laser goes more deeply bypassing the epidermal layer and minimizing energy absorption superficially. This decreases the risk of superficial burns.  Test spots can be done first to see what response and at what energy settings your skin responds best.

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Is DUET Laser Hair Removal a Good Choice for Hispanic Skin Type?

The DUET is a diode laser, one with chill tip and the other with vacuum assist.  They should work well with your skin type because you the pulse width goes up to 400 ms; another wavelength for darker skin types is 1064 Nd Yag systems, 


Ramtin Kassir, MD

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DUET laser hair removal works well

Duet laser hair removal typically works well, including patients with Hispanic skin type.  More treatment sessions may be required for darker skin.

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Lumenis Duet for Hispanic Skin Color?

Hi Gonza.  You know the old saying "No Pain, no gain".  Well, it applies in this case.  The idea of a painless laser hair removal treatment is an oxymoron.  It does not exist.  To cauterize (close) the small blood vessel that feeds the hair follicle, and thus achieve permanent hair removal, an elevated follicle temperature must be reached.  Creating the heat necessary to damage the small blood vessel that feeds the hair will not happen with "painless" hair removal. 

To illustrate, we use the Lumenis Lightsheer (the precursor to the Duet) very successfully for permanent hair removal, but not with the painless mode.  The setting on the traditional Lightsheer for your Hispanic skin type typically ranges from about 15 j/cm2 to about 34 j/cm2.  The HIGHEST setting available in the painless mode for the Lumenis Lightsheer Duet is 12 J/cm2.  The HIGHEST setting available on the Duet painless mode is still lower than the LOWEST setting we start with for the traditional Lumenis Lightsheer laser hair removal treatment. 

We would not waste your money on the painless setting.  You will not achieve permanent hair removal.

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