OK to Whiten Teeth with Dark Lines Due to Prematurity?

Due to prematurity, I have slightly dark lines in my teeth. I want to get them whitened.  Some people tell me my teeth will get worse in that the lines will become more prominent and others say it will be fine. What do you think?

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Whitening teeth with lines

Tooth whitening is one of the more conservative dental treatments you can have. It's tough to predict a final shade, but your teeth may be lightened enough that you'll like the result even if the lines are still there.

Cleveland Dentist
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Lines are hard to whiten

You can always try it. We never know for sure what shade your teeth will be when we're dont but its always an improvement. Tray whitening following Zoom whitening will help even out the lines also. Id rather have whiter lines on my teeth than darker lines.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist
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