Saggy Breasts From Weight Loss. Is This Amount of Reduction Possible?

My breasts are saggy due to losing 9 stones. My current size is 35 or 36 f/g and would like to be a c cup. Is this possible?

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Sagging Breast from Weight Loss

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A breast reduction will both lift and reduce your breast size. The biggest issue that may be present from your description of yourself is how far the nipple needs to be moved. If the distance is very far sometimes a free nipple graft is necessary. Photos would be helpful, but sometimes that measurement is made during a consultation and sometimes even in the operating room. Find an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

Breast Reduction with minimal scarring

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Ofcourse its possible! Better yet, there is a new technique called the Ultimate Breast Reduction that reshapes and lifts large breasts without a vertical scar. Scars are hidden around the areola and the inframammary fold. This is a new technique, not at all to anything currently available.It is not a cookie cutter technique like the others.  It was designed using engineering principles to custom design the ideal breast. This procedure does not require an implant to achieve upper pole fullness. And it does not have a vertical scar, which in time will stretch and widen causing the breast to sag again. Placing a vertical scar at the point of maximum tension is inherently wrong.

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Sagging breasts and reduction

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It is quite possible to reduce the volume of your breasts based upon your description, but an exam in person would be essential.

Saggy breasts from weight loss and wants reduction

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Any amount of breast reduction is possible, depending upon the technique.  If you are larger than you would like, your breasts can be reduced to a C cup if you wish, and of course lifted into a better position. 

RBreast reduction to C cup

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Congratulation on the wight loss. It is possible to go down much smaller after reduction from F/G cup. You have to know that the breast size does not always match the cups size. There are different bra manufacturers and shapes and they cup size fit differently for each person. You have to address your desire with your plastic surgeon. Check before and after photos.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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