Do I Have Duck Lips?

I had Juvederm ultra plus put in my lips two weeks ago and now i'm paranoid that people are laughing at my lips. I have always had an upper lip that pokes out slightly, but thinner than the bottom. Now that I got this filler in I feel like I look funny. Please help! BTW- my doctor has been certified and has been doing this for many years because I have been seeing him for the past 8 years for facial skin care and I know he's been doing lips for longer.

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Lip augmentation

There are basic standards of beautiful lips, inspite of that patients come requesting different looks.

Your upper lip is larger than your lower lip

The standard of beaty is for the lower lip to be slightly bigger than the pper lip.

If you are concerned and self concious then disolve it (Hopefully the filler is not permanent)

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Upper lip too full

From an aesthetic point of view and artistic canons, the lower lip should be larger than the upper. Despite this, patients request a larger upper lip and this is generally achieved by most injectors. Your options are to leave it alone, inject more into the lower lip to achieve better balance, or inject off-label hyaluronidase to upper lip.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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