Duck Lip! Injector will not use Hyaluronidase to dissolve claiming it will destroy my cells? True or False? (photo)

The injector attempted to change the width of my mouth as well as injecting alot into the border. She informed me that she was taught to try to visually widen the lips in patients with small rosebud shaped mouths (as in me) and to do the opposite in patients with wide mouths. I don't understand why you would be taught that, in my opinion you should work with the patients natural features and not deviate from them... Will the upper lip protrusion decrease soon? Opinions please? 6 days post.

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Duck Lips With Juvederm

Hi ZeeZee. I agree with you that the goal when treating the lips with Juvederm should be to work with each individuals natural features to give them the best result. It's hard to tell from a single camera picture what is exactly going on, but rest assured that swelling with Juvederm injections is common and can last as long as 4-6 weeks. I would give it some time. If after the swelling has decreased, you are still not satisfied with your lips then it is perfectly OK to use Hyaluronidase to safely dissolve the Juvederm. Hope this helps!

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6 days after restylane to lips

It looks like you are pretty swollen at this point - really too early to tell what the final lip shape will be. Restylane can have some pretty dramatic swelling in it's early phases. Give it a couple of weeks before rushing to use hyaluronidase.
Hang in there!

Thomas Fiala, MD
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Time will tell

Most Juvederm treatments in the lip resolve in 3-6 months so if you are unhappy with this, patience is often the best approach.


I would suggest you follow up with a reliable board certified cosmetic dermatologist to discuss.

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Duck lip after Juvederm

First, Juvederm pulls a lot of water to itself right after injection, especially into thinner-skinned areas like the lips. Thus, there is a lot of swelling. Even though you are six days out, I would suggest you wait at least 10-14 days before doing anything. It's advisable to let all swelling subside and then see what you have and where you may be overfilled. Then you can assess whether to get some hyaluronidase and dissolve some, or not.

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