My surgeon did not place any compression garments on me. Should I take it upon myself to add compression garments? (photos)

I am 6 days post op panniculectomy. I have a lot more swelling now than the day of surgery and am still having a fairly significant amount of drainage. When I questioned the surgeon she told me just to wear snug undies. This seems contrary to everything I've read.

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Compression garment

Thank you for your question and pictures. Every surgeon will have different postoperative plans, and may change their regimen on a patient-by-patient basis depending on circumstances.  In general, I recommend garments for abdominoplasty cases as the skin has been lifted all the way up to the ribcage.  The garment encourages the skin that is elevated to "stick" back down as well as reducing the swelling that occurs afterwards.  With a panniculectomy, the skin is not elevated beyond the level of the incision, and so a garment may not be needed.  I believe he/she is recommending the "snug undies" to help with the swelling that generally occurs below the incision in the mons area.  I recommend that you continue to see your surgeon as scheduled and ask questions about anything else you can do at this time.  Hope that helps, have a blessed day!

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