What's the max time for texture implants to adhere to tissue? What are the consequences & risks if they don't adhere? (Photos)

I got surgery over the muscle texture teardrop 395cc-2months ago. My right breast implant did not change- I can feel/see bumps/edges of the implant all around it.My surgeon said it's because of fluid and it might take other 3/4 months to adhere.Do I need revision? what happens if the implant fails to adhere? what I risk in that case? should I go for another surgeon to get a 2nd opinion? I thought over muscle the recovery would be faster & same for the end results. I can't stand the round shape.

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Time for Textured Implants to Adhere?

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Your before photos indicate that you would be a good candidate for a textured shaped new generation silicone gel implant, but not on top of the muscle, The tissues in your upper chest are very thin. The reason why you can see/feel your implant is because there is very little tissue covering your implant and the implant only thins it out more. Over the muscle recovery may be slightly faster, by about a day, but there is really no meaningful difference in recovery that justifies choosing over the muscle implants for you. I my opinion that was a very poor choice. 

Adherence of the implant begins to take place immediately after insertion of the implant. If it has not adhered at two months it is not going to adhere, and if there is fluid around the implant it will prevent any adherence. Was your surgery performed by a Real Plastic Surgeon, i.e. someone who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? So yes I think it would be worthwhile getting a second opinion from a Real Plastic surgeon who has a lot of demonstrated experience in revisionary breast surgery.

Textured implants over the muscle

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It looks like your right breast has a less "natural" and more rounded shape.  This can be due to contracture, although there are other factors that can create this.  It is true that the appearance may change a little over the next few months, but I'm not sure it will equalize completely.  The fact that you can feel the edges of the implant is likely because you do not have a lot of breast tissue to cover the implants.  Placing your implants under the muscle would help that issue.  I would maintain close communication with your plastic surgeon so you can create a plan of action to fix things if ultimately you don't like the outcome.  Best of luck!

Jonathan Heistein, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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