I had Botox done for jawline reduction more than two years ago-permanent muscle paralysis? (photos)

I had botox done for jawline reduction more than two years ago. Now I have recovered volume completely on one side. On the other side I still see an effect of sunken cheek and the skin on my cheek looks that it had sagged a bit. When I bite on the masseter muscle on that side I cannot use the muscle fully-especially at the very back of my teeth. I feel that there is some muscle paralysis. Why has this happened and more importantly what can I do to regain full function of that muscle?

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Hello, I am not sure how many treatment you had...but if you only had one injection, that should not have caused any significant permanent muscle loss of function. If you have had several treatments over a long period of time...then you could have sustained atrophy of the muscle due to non use...which should get better with use and exercising the muscle. It sounds like you would benifit by seeing a craniofacial plastic surgeon who could better address your occlusion complaints as well as masseter function. Good Luck.

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The thing that makes Botox unique is that it is not permanent

Thanks for the question, thanks for the photos, and sorry that you are having problems this far out from your Botox injections. The thing that makes Botox unique is that it is not permanent – it will last 3-4 months in most, and sometimes a little longer in the masseter regions that you had injected. Even if a nerve was “hit” during the injection, it would have rejuvenated by now. So if you are having concerns at this point, I would recommend that you make an appointment with a neurologist to see what in fact is going on here.

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Botox and Jawline Contouring

Botox treatments are not permanent and typically resolve after 3-4 months, sometimes a little longer on the jawline.  You may have other issues that need evaluation.  I suggest seeing a neurologist for an evaluation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Slimming jawline with Botox lasts for 3 to 6 months

From you pictures, I can't see any asymmetries.  If you indeed got Botox, there is no permanent effect from it.  If you are having occlusion problems, you need to see your dentist of an orthodontist. 

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