Should I get crowns on the two upper-front teeth, after root canals?

I am 28 yo and 7 years ago I had RCT done on my two front teeth. An enodondist proposed to enter the canals again and seal them better, so the whitening would last. I went to another doctor and he told me that crowns would be better, as the access canals to the roots were done pretty large, and I also have a filling between the teeth. Is having the crowns the correct solution? Also,is it possible to only have crowns for life? I really don't want to get to the point of needing implants.

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Crowns over root canals

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It is very normal to have crowns placed after root canals are done. Having crowns placed on your teeth doesn't mean that eventually you will need implants. Teeth that have root canals are always a little weaker than teeth without root canals. If you are careful with your front teeth they will last a lifetime.

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The answer is generally NO if it is a front tooth unless the
tooth is quite weak.  Due to the
anatomy/shape and function of  front
teeth, they are not subjected to the kinds of forces posterior teeth are and
are generally much less subject to vertical fracture.   Crowns are most valuable as a way of making
a tooth stronger. In posterior teeth in most instances when a root canal/ endodontics
is done the tooth is greatly weakened. 
The back teeth generally have two, 
three or more canals and more tooth structure must be removed in order
to do the root canal as opposed to front teeth which  almost always have only one canal.   If a a front tooth or any tooth is not going
to be crowned it should at least be strengthened with a well done bonded
composite restoration which extends at least into the beginning of the root
canal.  No root canal filling material
should be left in the crown of the tooth.  
It is also good to know that  in a
very weak tooth especially where a lot of the tooth structure is missing the
tooth that has had  a root canal should
be further strengthened by a post or posts of titanium or other equally strong
material.  When a post or posts are used
they should extend about 2/3ds  of the
way down the root of the tooth in the canal or canals and should be fused
through bonding to the tooth.

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