Hard full feeling in lower belly not going away, if I work out or drink wine it bloats. What do you think could have gone wrong?

I had tummy tuck 10 months ago and I still have the hard full feeling in lower belly. The thought that it was because the lympfnatic system was cut and it takes up to a year to repair.

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Feelings versus reality

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can be very challenging to manage.  Its common for the area around your incision to be firm for a long time and something that includes the area just above it.  If its fluctuating between morning and night, and resolving completely when sleeping, its simply swelling and your body will eventually find a way to manage that.  If there is a fluid wave like when you step on one side of a waterbed, there could be fluid that needs attention.  As with any procedure, its always best to see your surgeon since your surgeon will have the advantage to examine the area of concern and is aware of how you healed and what was done at your procedure.

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Swelling is normal after tummy tuck

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Swelling after a tummy tuck is normal.  Some patients have prolonged swelling.  I have seen it for 18 months, then just suddenly resolve.  What is clear, however, is that if you listen to your body, the swelling will resolve faster.  If there are activities that cause swelling, you must hold off on them until they no longer create an issue.  If you try to work through the swelling, it will prolong the process because you are never letting it heal.  Everyone is different.  People want to get back to their routine and want to see results, fast.  The tummy tuck is a big operation that must be respected.  If you can exercise without swelling, then you are doing well.  If you swell at the end of a day at work at a desk job, then you have to be very careful with your choices, and you must rest as much as possible.  After a month, compression also helps

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