I had implant done 6 wks ago, it is the upper front tooth and I still feel a bit of a tingly pain and numbness. Any suggestion?

Hi, I had an implant done 6 weeks ago, it is the upper front tooth and I still feel a bit of a tingly pain and numbness were the implant was placed which also affects my nose a bit on the side of the implant and next to my nose were I felt more pain after the surgery , the implant was placed the the same day as the surgery.

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Pain and numbness 6 weeks after implant placement

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Pain 6 weeks after implant surgery is
certainly concerning. Your surgeon should evaluate the site for signs o
inflammation or infection and determine the health of the surrounding

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Pain and tingling after dental implant placement

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Without  more information, it's very difficult to give a really good answer to your question.It's not uncommon to have some degree of tenderness after dental implant placement especially if it was done immediately at the time of your surgery.The best advice would be to visit your dentist and have him take a look to make sure that the site is healing properly. 
I hope you found this information to be helpful,Dr. Champagne 

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