How Long Knee Recovery After Seroma?

I had a knee liposuction 6 weeks ago i had seroma has been drained still have swelling & hard area not able to bend my knee

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Concerns after Liposuction of Knee Area?

Always  best to check with her own plastic surgeon about these types of concerns after surgery. Online consultants will not be able to provide you with meaningful diagnosis, treatment recommendations, or reassurance.
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Scar Tissue vs Recurrent Seroma

You may still have a seroma if it is very swollen to the point that you cannot bend you knee.  Hardness can be due to scar tissue however a tense seroma can also feel hard as well. Best thing to do is to visit with your plastic surgeon again and have him insert a needle into the area to assure there is no seroma.

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Knee Immobility after Knee Liposuction

     Knee immobility may be due to a greater amount of scar in the area after drainage of the seroma or a residual seroma.  If there is no seroma, then massage and mobility exercises can help.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Knee problem

I have never seen a problem related to knee liposuction with bending. A seroma is very rare. You did not mention the location. Most liposuction is done on the inner aspect of the knee and should not have an effect that would cause knee bending problems. Be sure you are not dealing with a Baker's Cyst which is on the back side of the knee which can occur even without liposuction. This would entail a different treatment. If it is just scar tissue and swelling it should resolve with time  ( keeping you knee in motion as much as possible).

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