Should I get an Upper Lip Lift with my Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I am having a rhinoplasty done in a few months, I have recently been looking into lip lifts, besides healing together are there any benefits of having both done together or should I wait until after I'm healed and see if I still want it? I have no upper tooth show when my lips are parted and I feel the gap between nose and lip looks too long.

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Should I Have a Lip Lift With My Rhinoplasty?

A lip lift can be done with a rhinoplasty. Based on these pictures which do show increased length of your upper lip I suggest you discuss this with your surgeon.

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Lip lift with rhinoplasty?

I've performed rhinoplasty and lip lifts simultaneously before without any problems. It appears that you would benefit from an expertly performed lip lift as the space between your upper lip and the base of your nose is too long. A rhinoplasty alone will not and cannot change that. I generally do not recommend fillers for the upper lip as these often do not look natural. Unless, of course you like the "duckbill" look. Tooth show is another matter and often is dependent on your facial bone structure, gum line, and tooth size. Please do not expect significant tooth show after a lip lift as other variables are often in play. I hope this information helps. 

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Wait on the lips

I would definitely advise you to wait before doing anything to your lips. Changing the look and shape of your nose will change the proportion of your entire face. It's quite possible that your lips will no longer bother you once your nose has healed. Hope this helps.


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Upper Lip and Rhinoplasty Concerns

In general, I am not an advocate of surgical lip lift procedures due to the incision/scar location and the availability of non-surgical options. That said, I do not think that you are the best candidate to consider a lip lift surgery. Perhaps it would be best to have your rhinoplasty first and research other options for lip enhancement that do not require surgery. Best wishes. 

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