Am I unresponsive to Accutane?

This is my 5th month on Accutane for moderate-severe cystic acne.For the first 2 months I was prescribed 30mg and 40mg for the last 3 months. However, I find that I am still breaking out regularly. Could this mean that I'm one of the few for whom Accutane just doesnt work?

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Am I unresponsive

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If you are still breaking out on the Accutane you could be under treated, depending on your weight & which brand of Accutane you are on, also if you are male or female.  In our office our providers typically use the brand name Absorica as our form of Accutane as it does not require patients to consume a high fat diet to absorb the medication.  Also my female patients tend to sometimes still flare around their cycles.  In this case I usually consider an oral medication in my treatment called Spironolactone.  Please be sure to discuss your concerns with the Dermatologist that placed you on the medication.

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