Treat pin poles 2 month post FUE with garlic? (photo)

2 month post FUE and - pin poles come - transplanted area is still red and not straight (wavy) - transplanted hair already gone . I apply Bepanthen lotion before wash and take multi vitamin and B complex daily so I have 2 question please first : is it possible to apply squeezed garlic for a few min to the pin poles or to whole transplanted area to treat or use cleanser low alcoholic ? Second : the transplanted area looks smooth and I can't see hair wholes for hair to come out through ?

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Pin Poles?

I don't know what a ;pin pole is. The fact that there is persistent redness means to me that you could have an infection so go see your doctor

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Pimples after FUE

These "pimples" are probably folliculitis.Sometimes this occurs when a hair is trapped or erupting through the skin,and sometimes it is due to a localized infection.A warm compress may help temporarily but you should be evaluated by your Hair Restoration surgeon.You don't see the holes anymore because they have healed and the follicle is just below the surface of the skin.

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