What is the solution of ending this terrible pain after placing dental crowns?

I had 2 crowns both sides down on 4 teeth as i have one missing in between both sides(so practily i have 3 and 3 crowns)the dr reach the dentine and after placing the crown im in terrible pain as in daily ,i need 3-4 buprofen/day The bite is good we already check

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Pain after dental crowns #DrSoftTouch

It's not uncommon to experience some discomfort after having a crown placed. Typically, this subsides within a few weeks, but in some cases it does not. If the pain you are experiencing does not subside or the pain increases, root canal therapy may be necessary. I would recommend returning to your dentist to have the teeth evaluated. Good luck and I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

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Dental crowns.

It is possible to feel pain after placing crowns. However, pain should not be very intense and should not linger. I would advise a follow up with your dentist to evaluate the teeth pulp. Intense pain may mean that your tooth pulp did not recover from treatment and may require root canal. This is one of the risks of restorative treatment. 

Pain in Dental Crown

If your pain is increasing day by day then you should visit your dentist because it is not good increase in pain. Also you can keep your gums and teeth healthy by brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and flossing daily. 

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