Is it safe to do Obalon 5 years after gastric sleeve?

Hello! I did the sleeve surgery almost 5 years ago and lost about 25 kilos. Last year I started gaining weight although I eat well and I exercise. I was wondering if it is safe for me to do the obalon procedure and whether you think it'll help? Many thanks

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Obalon after bariatric surgery

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Unfortunately, previous bariatric surgery is a contraindication to placement of the Obalon balloons. As you know, with the obalon procedure 3 relatively large balloons are placed in the stomach over approximately 3 months and this procedure would not be safe or predictable after an operation which restricts the size of the stomach. Both procedures share the goal of creating a sense of satiety or fullness that allows smaller meal portions. Congratulations on the initial success of your 50 lb weight loss. Try stricter attention to your diet and exercise habits to get back on that successful path. 

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